Source: ACBL Dictionary

Charles C. Wei(1914 – Feb. 20, 1987) of New York City, born in Shanghai, China. Shipbuilding magnate and graduate of Shanghai University. In the mid-sixties he devised the Precision bidding system which was used successfully by the Taiwan Team in the Bermuda Bowl 1970, 71, the Vanderbilt 1972, and by the Italian Team in winning World Team Olympiad 1972 and the Bermuda Bowl 1973, 1974.

Wei was a former trustee of the ACBL Charity Foundation. He was non-playing captain of the Taiwan team in the World Team Olympiad 1964, Bermuda Bowl 1969, and non-playing captain of the North American Venice Cup Team 1981.

Wei authored many books and articles on Precision and Super Precision. Playing with Ron Andersen at the New York Winter regional 1974 he had the biggest game ever recorded in an ACBL regional on a 156 average — 260.(83.3%)!

He won Puerto Rico Open Prs 1970, Swiss Teams 1972; Mid Atlantic Summer Swiss 1972; Metropolitan Open Prs 1974.