Your friends gave you a hard time with that, you fell into fashion, and you came back: poker is annoying. Like many other games. But rest assured, you bought a card game for nothing and there are many games with more subtle rules than this discipline which seems to be reserved for the owners of Ray-Ban. A small flurry of games that will keep you busy during rainy weekends when the console no longer works and your friends don’t have any conversation.

The Belote

The Belote, it is already awesome, but a little too involve the factor of chance. The “clincher” requires you to estimate how much it is possible to make a point with all your cards in hand. And each ad is as much a clue to the possibilities as we have. Add to that the possibility of taking no Trump or “all-Trump”, and we may have the perfect game.

Gin Rummy

A game for two which consists of using in a pick to make arrangements in his game. A kind of” Kem’s ” very subtle, but without the need to make a rude sign to his partner. A card game that requires memory, measured risk-taking and bears the name of alcohol; we sign right away.


Unavoidable. Give rise to some wild exchanges between the players: “The Little One is in the dog”, “did you make a singlet ?”, “Don’t you keep with a double handle? You’re a real grocer !”


Behind a facade esotericism is a relatively affordable game: an auction system close to the tethered belote, a game mode similar to the whist, the bridge compiles good ideas for multiple games unless all these games are so many simplified versions of the bridge, “the mother of all games.” A try in any case.

The Bearded

Objective: get rid of some cards as they fold, each round defining a Category. We suddenly lose its Cores, the round after his Ladies… in the last round, we must do everything possible to avoid inheriting the “bearded”, The King Of Hearts. A game reserved for the most cunning and devious.

The elevator

Like Bridge, this game is similar to the Whist, and like Bridge, the elevator finds all its interest in its auction system. Since the goal is to achieve his fold contract (no more, no less, even with a crap game), the number of folds announced must be different from the possible number of folds, so that at least one player fails. So voltage. So stress. So hooker shots. So fun game.

The Asshole.

One of the classic perm rooms in High School, this game requires you to get rid of your cards by systematically going up on the cards laid by your neighbor, whether one by one or two, three, four… The game establishes a cruel hierarchy between the president, in the lead, and his minions up to the last, the asshole, who must each time give his best cards to his boss. Now imagine you’re recruiting a dozen people, four or five card games, and it’s time to set fire to a tabletop for several hours.

The Mao

Close to the Uno or the American 8, this game from Eastern Europe brings a little finesse: the players do not know all the rules of the game. The one who ends his game can add a new rule (like: when a nine is placed, one changes turn, the one who places a king takes two cards of sanction…) and keep it for him knowing that whoever asks a question is automatically sanctioned with an additional card. The Secret Story of the card game.

The Canasta

If there is a game that matches Kamelot’s “Chouette ass” and his hairy rules, it’s probably this one. Let’s take a few extracts from the rules : “Canasta is generally played with four players, but it can also be played with 2, 3, 5 or 6”, “The canasta is not a game of exercise, the order of the cards does not matter” (the important thing is the values), “2 and the jokers are the assets, or passe-partout” (or “hock”), “For the first installation of canasta on the table, one must earn points according to the current score of the team: less than 1500 points: 50 to 1500 to 3000 90 to 3000 to 5000: 120 beyond 5000” (and all odd numbers up to 22). Left at 5,000. Good luck.


Drugs are certainly an effective alternative to poker, but this is mainly the name of the game played in the 19th century by soldiers and sailors whose rules had come to the fore. “Apparently”, because the rules have fallen into oblivion, and we only retain the punishment for the loser, contenting to keep a kind of wooden clothespin on the nose until his next success. On this basis, there is nothing to stop you from inventing your own rules. The important thing is the clothespin.