Source: La Gazetta dello Sport(Machine translated into english)The original italian text

From Turin.World Grand Master and European Grand Master. E’ be one of strongest juniores of the world and, after various years passes to you to Rome, playing for the Angelini square, from two seasons é returned in the Glad Society of Turin with which it has caught up its first succeeded important. In juniores the best ones it turns out to you: the gold conquered to Samples to you European to Squares of the ‘ 92 and in the MEC to Braces of the ‘ 93. With the national Open, four tito them continental ones (‘ 95 – ‘ 97 – 2001 – 2002), two IOC Grand Prix (‘ 99 – 2002), olympic gold (2000), an European Compound to Squares (2002). Winner of five Goblets Italy (‘ 90 – ‘ 91 – ‘ ‘ 94 – ‘ 96 – ‘ 99) and of eight tito them Italian ones (‘ 85 – ‘ 88 – ‘ 91 – ‘ 93 – ‘ 95 – ‘ 99 – 2001- 2002), has moreover conquered two times the Cavendish, the Forbo, the Rosemblum and the Spingold, and once the Reisinger and the Australian Summer Not.

Creeds in the fortune and the iella, to the green table like in the life?

Absolutely yes, also not being superstizioso. The man does not have some defense when incappa in the moments not of the life: he can only limit itself to endure of the consequences. Those that they do not believe to the misfortune, can make it simply because never they have not been iellati.

Six famous for your great calm and tranquillity, but will be pure something that it makes you to see red?

The continuous hammering, insomma the classic drop. My resistance, é effectively remarkable, but to a sure point explosion. And when it happens fortunately (very rarely!) they are indeed imbattibile.

The bridge as it has changed your life?

In way total. To 15 years I was already in one professionistica square with all the implications of the case, from the interruption of the studies, to the impossibility of living the classic life of the boys of my age…

And if you returned behind?

I would rifare the same choices exactly because I think privileging, having had the possibility to succeed to realize to me in a “job” that gratifies to me and gets passionate.

How you succeed to conciliate your calm and weighted temperament with the love for the race of the horses?

I do not have some difficulty, in how much of the world of the race I do not love the risk, the bet, but the horse in himself. Behind to every my bet there é one rigorous preparation and acquaintance of the horses and theirs fantini. Insomma, mine é a nearly scientific approach. However or you make therefore or you lose… and this I cannot indeed allow it to me!

Which é the adversary who has created you greater problems to the table?

I do not have doubts: the Brogeland Norwegian with its Saelensinde companion. You must know that, during the world-wide ones of Hammamet, while we were playing against, without warning in knows it was an escape of gas.Dopo the large one you run you run general we resume the game, but seated to an other table. From those ‘ 98 never more I have far away not taken!

You would be one nearly perfect person if…

Perfect é a po’ even exaggerated, but undoubtedly better if not pits forced, for the bridge, to be far away from house and my affections therefore much time. I often have, for this reason, of the strong senses of guilt.

Not creeds that your excessive education and diplomacy, can sfociare in the hypocrisy?

E’ a risk that unavoidablly is run. However, hatred so a lot the maleducazione that I prefer to pass some times for hypocritical.

You and Lorenzo Lauria, therefore various, formed one of the stronger braces of the world. Which it is the secret?

Not there é no secret. In the time, we are resolutions to construct to a deep friendship based on the mutual esteem and confidence, two indispensable qualities in order to become a brace solid, but also we have had to work and to study much in order to arrive to being what today we are.

There é someone to which you must say thanks?

To one tide of persons. Limiting me to the world of the bridge, Maria Teresa Lavazza and Italian Santià who me have practically grown, offering the possibility to me to confront to me, since young, with the strongest players of the world; to Leandro intentional Burgay that for first he has believed and to head at the coupled Lauria-Versace; and, finally, thanks large like a house to Francisco Angelini who, in every year passes entirety to you, always has demonstrated a true friend.

Some years ago six transferred to you to Rome. What lacks you Turin?

My parents and, for the rest, very little. By now, I feel very more piemontese Roman that.

An image that you would not want never faded.

That one of my moglie Giuliana with our child George in the crib, endured after the delivery. Grown hour é and é even become tifoso upsetting of the Rome, much to be nicknamed “Tottigol”, but that image will remain in order always indelebile in my mind.

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