Chip Martel is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. A World Grand Master, ranked tenth in World lifetime ranking (thirteenth in current performance ranking), Chip has won five world championships and placed second three times. He has also won over 25 North American championships and U.S. Bridge Championships (“Trials”), most of them in partnership with Lew Stansby. In January 2007, Chip and Lew will mark the thirtieth anniversary of their partnership, one of the longest running in bridge history. Chip also has an outstanding record with other partners, including wife Jan, USBF president. Chip and Jan recently teamed with Lew and JoAnna Stansby and Kit and Sally Woolsey to finish second in the North American Open Teams in Chicago. Chip is currently chair of the ACBL Laws Commission. A favorite hobby is revising his bidding system (“Chip abhors a bid without a meaning,” friends say) and devising defenses to methods played most commonly outside the United States.

The system of Martel/Stansby is a slighty modification of Kaplan/Sheinwold system.

Chip Martel Convention card for Martel/Stansby  Lew Stansby

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Martel-Stansby 2006