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From Rome. World Grand Master and European Grand Master. Married with Christian and father of Roberto (9 years) and Anna (5 years). It plays in National and the Lavazza Team. In its agonistica career, begun in the ‘ 72, it has won very many in blue and with the club. The first places more meant to you: The Olympic Games 2000, European ‘ 79 – ‘ 95 – ‘ 97 – 2001, MEC to Braces ‘ 79, Cavendish Teams ‘ 96 – ‘ 97, Rosemblum Cup ‘ 98 – Vanderbilt Cup ‘ 99 – IOC Grand Prix ‘ 99, Reisinger Cup 2000 – Forbo Teams 2001, Spingold Cup 2001, Australian Summer Not 2001, 7 tito them Italian ones to Squares, 5 Italy Goblets. Hobby: the ag and the sport in kind.

Which the experience of your life life that has mainly conditioned you? 

My life has been characterized from a series of different periods a lot one from the other, from which has always absorbed something until becoming the man that are today. But the experience that has mainly conditioned me in the years to come has been that one of the sevizio military, in how much just then was approached the bridge. This passion had so been involved me from distogliermi, at first, from the studies (Economy and Commerce) and, later on, to become the only interest of my life, even if, to those times, in exchange it gave to me indeed little or null.

Although this your admission, discovers in yours palmares an unexpected one and, to the appearance, inexplicable and extended empty around to years ‘ ‘ 70. Which thing had happened?

I had thrown spirit and body in the movement of the oranges. I was with they all the day, while the night, for living, I played to similar poker and. Then, the Guru fell in misfortune and with he the movement that I had founded and I re-entered in the world of the bridge, recommencing to make agonismo and to win.

Darkness, little expansive, to the incazzoso appearance, nicknamed from the companions “Baluba”, you would want to change something of your character or you appeal to yourself therefore?  

They are satisfied of like are, also because the cohabitation with my character and the others is good, indeed, I can calmly say that they are, in spite of the appearance, one serene person.

As it is Lorenzo father and Lorenzo husband. You define yourself with two adjectives. 

With the sons affectionate, with my Christian moglie patient… even if it are convinced of the contrary.

Six never felt captive one of something or someone to you?  

Yes, of my passions. When, in the course of the years, they have been attracted from something or someone, I have always lived the fine experience in bottom and way total, for better or for worse, without to never succeed to pull to me behind.

If not pits a bridgista to full time, what you would want to be?  

A criminal attorney.

Exists the friendship between the bridgisti?

In bridge the game it is a lot conditioning and, very rarely, but I do not exclude it, can exist an affective relationship – amicale  between bridgisti of different level.

If it is dug in yours “caratterino” it discovers that…  

That, in the substance, they are exactly what is looked at. With passing of the years, if not, they are a po’ changed and they are found again to me to possess of the absolutely unthinkable dowries a time…

As an example?

I have a greater control of same me and, consequently, holding to it attends the instinct, have become one nearly reflecting person.

One says that in the bridge who wins mistakes little… and you have gained a lot. One svista absolutely clamorous will be capitata you but…  

The cantonate ones made are wasted, but there is some is in particular that me Italy Goblet has cost one: we were in the ‘ 76 and were playing the last hand of the last turn. Well, I have cannato clamorously the contract dragging the square to 2° the place.

And, in the private life, it reminds a mistake that indeed deleterious consequences have brought you? 

I do not have doubts to care: the first wedding.

When a love indeed is ended?  

In the moment in which you acquire the full knowledge of the situation, without more to create alibi and false hopes to you.

What makes you to laugh to crepapelle?  

The irony in kind, is that one made on the others, than on same me… in this last case, but, it I accept solo from the friends.

What just sopporti of the world of the bridge?  

The presuntuosi and the narcissism, therefore unfortunately diffuse attitudes to all the levels

And what instead continues to be strange to you positively?  

The incredible magnetism that this game always emanates… one species of fatal attraction

They are serene if…

… the balls do not break off me.

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