Robert D. Hamman was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1938. He lived in California for several years early in his bridge career, learning much from the many great West Coast players of that era. He returned to Dallas when he became the sixth member of Ira Corn’s Dallas Aces, and has lived there since. Most observers consider him to be the consummate bridge player, with a remarkable ability to focus only on the deal being played, irrespective of the circumstances. He is particularly noted for his tenacity and his never-give-up attitude.

Unlike many of the top American players, Bob has a job away from bridge too – he is the President of SCA Promotions, Inc, a prize promotion company in Dallas, Texas. Petra, his wife of 15 years, has won North American titles and was a member of the winning USA women’s team in Maastricht, while his son, Chris, is also a promising player. Remarkably, Bob even has time for a few hobbies – all games, sports and playing backgammon.

Bob might be considered the high priest of the four-card major, but he also believes in limited openings and the power of a strong club system. His partnership with Paul Soloway has provided an opportunity for Bob to indulge his creative side, and he never stops tinkering with the system, which currently runs to nearly 200 pages. Soloway, who has more free time than Bob, has learned the system well and has mastered its more arcane sections rather better than The Great One himself, and it is possible that they have done well despite the system rather than because of it.

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