Richard A. Freeman(Dick) of Atlanta Georgia. Senior vice president Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. Graduated University of Chicago and George Washington University(JD), interested in American and European history.

Freeman was a “quiz kid” of radio fame 1942, 44, 45 with special emphasis on solving complex mathematical problems in his head; became ACBL youngest life master in 1952 at 18.

In 1952, at the age of 18, Richard A Freeman became the youngest Life Master in the history of the ACBL. In the 1950s he was one of television’s original ‘Quiz Kids’ and he brought that ‘whiz’ with him when he took up bridge. For many years he was the fastest and most accurate matchpointer in the world.

Dick won his first North American National title at the age of 21 (the Mens’ Teams), an event he won again in 1962 and 1966. He won his first ‘major’ in 1979 – the Vanderbilt Teams. Playing exclusively with Nickell, he has added significantly to that tally. Dick is a WBF Grand Master, 11th in the current rankings.

A Senior Account Executive for a Securities firm, Dick currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife Louise.

Business and family commitments leave Nick and Dick very little time to work on their partnership between major tournaments, but there are rumors circulating that Dick, the consummate old schooler, will finally get hooked to the Internet to permit some online practice.

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