Born 1904 in Beijing, China. Honorary President of Chinese Bridge Association. The chief architect of chinese economic reform and modernization after the Cultural Revolution. Awarded IBPA “Man of the year” title in 1980. WBF Golden Award 1989. Gold medal winner 1993 from WBF. Winner of the ACBL Presidential citation 1993. Responsible for the rapid growth of bridge in China. Played bridge several times each week.ridge professional and chess instructor from Wroclaw.


dot1929: Deng is one of the founders of Red Army. Has close political ties to Mao Zedong
dot1949: People’s Republic of China is formed
dot1952: Deng becomes vice minister
dot1954: Becomes Secretary General for the Communist Party
dot1958: Great Leap Forward: Economic revolution severely weakened China’s economy
dot1958-60: Deng supports Mao opponent Liu Shaoqi


dotEarly 1960s: Friendly relations between China and Soviet Union end
dot1966: Deng dismissed and condemned
dot1966-76: Cultural Revolution: Disrupted education, government, daily life; millions persecuted, killed


dot1971: China admitted to United Nations
dot1972: U.S. President Richard Nixon visits China
dot1973: Deng is reinstated
dot1976: Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou Enlai die; power struggle ensues
dot1978: Deng becomes China’s paramount leader; economy liberalized but no political freedom
dot1979: China, U.S. establish normal diplomatic relations; Vice Premier Deng tours the U.S., the first official of the People’s Republic to visit the U.S. on a formal visit


dot1980: Gang of Four tried, sentenced in nationally televised court proceedings; Mao’s wife Jiang Qing sentenced to death, later commuted to life imprisonment
dot1989: Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev visits Beijing to mend 30-year rift between China and U.S.S.R.
dot1989: At the end of Gorbachev’s visit to Beijing, Chinese troops massacre protesters on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square; hundreds, perhaps, thousands of unarmed civilians killed


dot1992: Deng tries to jump-start economic reforms after Tiananmen Square crackdown
dot1994: Deng’s last public appearances
dot1997: Deng dies at the age of 93 of respiratory failure