7-11HcP, 5-5 dist.


  • ©2NT=5©+ 6ª
  • ©§¨=5©+ 6cd in bid suit
  • ©©=6©

  • ª2NT=5ª+ a 6cd minor
  • ª©=6©+ 5ª
  • ªª=5©+ 6ª


  • 2NT-§§+a MAJOR
  • 2NT-¨¨+a MAJOR
  • 2NT-©©ª
  • 2NT-ªª¨

¨§=Long, Non Force

¨¨=Supp both MAJORs, invite

¨©=Supp both MAJORs, preempt

¨ª=Supp spades + both minors,preempt

¨3NT=To play

¨¨=Asks opener to bid his MAJOR

¨§©ª=Long suit

After interference

Intervention: DBL

  • Pass=Tolerance for¨,can be very strong

  • RDBL=Stayman

  • ©ª=Set of trump

  • 2NT=3-suiter

    • Pass=Diamonds

    • RDBL=Both Majors

Intervention overcall

¨©ªDBL=Other MAJOR

¨©ª2NT=Minor takeout


¨2NT-§=Play 1 of openers suits

¨2NT-¨=Name MAJOR

¨§¨©=Play openers MAJOR

¨§¨¨=Game in openers MAJOR