Source: BBO

Richard "Richie" Reisig claims to be as "old as the hills – but younger than springtime." He is a professional bridge player and teacher, residing in hurricane prone Florida, with his wife Raija and their dog.

He has won three ACBL national titles in team competition. He formerly managed the Cavendish Club in New York City. His partners include: Raija Reisig, P. O. Sundelin, Barnet Shenkin, Benito Garozzo, Sam Stayman, G. Belladonna.

He says doing vugraph commentary on BBO is lots of fun. And helping the young players with Raija is very rewarding. He also claims to have won several local duplicates. He did provide an old newspaper clipping from 1989 – about the KO’s in Reno, NV.

"My team fell by the wayside in the round of 32, losing to the Palm Beach squad of Sam Stayman, Richard Reisig, Lea du Pont, and former Italian stars, Benito Garozzo and Georgio Belladonna. I wish I could say that all our finesses lost; but this team performed exceptionally well, especially Reisig, who never touched a wrong card in the 64 deals."