Steve has a vicious, wicked and biting sense of humor. Plus he is actually funny. Steve, like Howie, emigrated to the U.S. from Minnesota landing for 20 years in Chicago. He recently moved to Florida where he says that he was singled out by 11 hurricanes that attacked him in his first 6 months. He recently lost his life partner, Cort, as well as his great friend Richard. This would bring down a lesser man, but Steve has a Patton-like fighting spirit. While most who know him at the bridge table see an affable, pleasant, c’est le vie kind of a guy, try taking him on at the Acquire table where he becomes mean, sadistic and intolerable. Drew Casen was reduced to tears by this seemingly gentle man.


Steven is the best when it come to fashion, decorating, dieting and health tips. He even helps with the occasional bridge tip. But his absolute forte and passion is drinking fine red wine that has been graciously provided by Roy Welland. Steve learned early on that one did not need to dirty one’s hands with lucre to enjoy the pleasure of great red wines.


Steven has 3 dogs and two wineglasses that travel with him wherever he goes. (not the dogs, the glasses)