Jeff Rubens’ current claim to fame is as the editor and owner of the bridge experts’ bible, The Bridge World, on which he worked side by side with Edgar Kaplan for over four decades until Kaplan’s death in 1997.

Jeff’s other far-reaching contributions to the game were his advocacy of the popular Swiss teams, a major force on the tournament scene today; his fastidious dedication to defining Bridge World Standard and Standard American; his brilliant Bridge World magazine editorials, enabling a more understandable presentation of the laws; opening the doors and educating the public to the inner workings of the appeals system; and perfecting the already-established Master Solvers’ Club by guiding the panelists and stressing the importance of a simple network — resulting in more meaningful comments by the experts.

Although Jeff’s comprehensive contributions to the game were brought to the public primarily via his prolific pen, as a player he enjoyed respected partnerships with Ronnie Blau, Bob Mosher and B. Jay Becker, winning seven North American championships in the 1960s and 1970s and participating in the Bermuda Bowl in 1973.

Since retiring as a professor of mathematics and computer science at Pace University, he has directed his focus toward writing and editing. His competitive spirit, extraordinary talent and zest for challenges are exhibited through crosswords and puzzle-solving.

Jeff’s rare leisure moments are enjoyed as a devoted husband to Beth and their two sons.