Automatic squeeze

Backwash squeeze

Barco squeeze

Bonneys squeeze

Clash squeeze

Compound guard squeeze

Compound squeeze

Compound trump guard squeeze

Compound trump squeeze

Count squeeze

Crisscross squeeze

Defense to a squeeze

Delayed duck squeeze

Double menace

Double squeeze

Either-or squeeze

Entry squeeze

Entry-shifting squeeze

Guard squeeze

Hedgehog squeeze

Hexagon squeeze

Hexagon trump squeeze

Isolating the menace


Jettison squeeze

Knockout squeeze

Nonmaterial squeezes

Octagonal two-trick squeeze

One-suit squeeze

Overtaking squeeze

Positional squeeze

Progressive squeeze

Pseudo squeeze

Reciprocal squeeze

Repeated squeeze

Repeating triple squeeze

Ruff and discard

Ruff and ruff

Ruffing squeeze

Schroeder squeeze

Secondary squeeze

Seesaw squeeze

Seres squeeze

Show up squeeze

Simple squeeze


Squeeze finesse

Squeeze mnemonics

Squeeze suit-out

Squeeze without the count

Squeezed position(Playing to)

Steppingstone squeeze

Submarine squeeze

Suicide squeeze

Throw-in plays

Transfer squeeze

Transferring the menace

Triple squeeze

Trump squeeze

Unblocking squeeze

Vice squeeze

Vise squeeze

Winkle squeeze