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Bridgeguys is the ultimate sites for free bridge information. You find all kind of stuff there. Looking for conventions – Bridgeguys is the place

Bridge World

Link opening in excellent glossary

Bridge World is an old an well reputated bridge periodical.
Bridge Forum is a polish solid web-site.

Polish language only.

  • Conventions translated:Conventions translated

  • Systems translated ……:Systems translated

‘Bridge in de Streek’ looks like a cooperation of dutch bridge clubs.

Some interesting stuff, especially some systems and conventions. Nice web-site.

Dutch language – not so difficult to read.


Claire Bridge is a very solid french WEB-site. Sites are as well in english as in french language. A serious web-master trying to document solid historic info. Many good photos. 

Ecats bridge

Ecats bridge offers a variety of options. Most important is to be able to find relevant system information from major bridge events.


European Bridge League is the european head organization of bridge.


Info bridge Italia

Info bridge is a genuine italian bridge site. A serious web-master trying to document solid historic info. Many good photos and a great Bermuda Bowl section.


Laws of contract bridge


Richard Pavlicek’s WEB-site has a lot of mathematical stuff if you are interested in percentages.


System archive by Swedish Bridge Federation. Swedish text only.


United States Bridge Federation


World Bridge Federation is the international head organization of bridge.


Jörg Mathias & Marie-Louise Zinsli

German language only