Source: BBO

Jon Sveindal, age 59, single, has two daughters, 13 and 17. He lives in Bergen, more precisely a suburb some 10 kilometers north. He says he is a a keen fan of BBO, and happens to know Fred from some years back. He is a part-time teacher of economics and English at upper secondary school (high school more or less). His main occupation is writing; he writes a daily bridge column for Norway’s biggest morning paper (The Aftenposten of Oslo) which includes book reviews, among other subjects. He said he never hesitates to give credit in his column to BBO, the finest bridge site ever! His column also appears once a week in two regional papers. He is a regular (and frequent) contributor to the Norwegian bridge magazine "Bridge i Norge," owned and edited by Boye Brogeland, and also national as well as international bridge championship bulletins. He has been a member of the International Bridge Press Organization (IPBA) since 1975, and has received national and international journalist prizes.

Bridge successes include:

He was on Norway’s runner-up team in Bermuda Bowl in Santiago, Chile, in 1993, and have 2 thirds (1993 and 1999) and a fourth (1981) in European Teams Championships. He has won the Nordic Teams Championship two times, and have a dozen Norwegian titles. He was on the winning team in Bonn Nations Cup in 1999. He has also captained Norwegian juniors and ladies internationally.

He speaks English and German and understands some French (in addition to Norwegian/Danish/Swedish, on BBO called Scandinavian).