Danger hand

Deceptive bid

Declarative-Interrogative four Notrump

Defense to 1NT

Defense to a strong, artificial bid

Defense to double of 1NT

Defense to interference with Blackwood

Defense to multi

Defense to opening four bid

Defense to opening three bid

Defense to preemptive bids

Defense to two-suited interference

Defensive bidding

Delayed game raise

Delayed raise

Delayed Stayman

Delta asking bids

Demand bid

Denial bid

Denial cuebid


Devils bedpost

Directional asking bid

Discouraging bid

Distributional counts

Distributional point-count

Distributional values




Double for sacrifice

Double in slam-going actions

Double jump

Double jump overcall

Double jump raise

Double jump shift rebid

Double jump takeout

Double negative

Double of 2club response to Notrump

Double of a cuebid

Double of three Notrump

Double raise

Double raise in minor, preemptive

Double showing aces

Double tenace

Double-barreled Stayman



Doubles of artificial bids for penalty

Doubles of Notrump bids


Duplication of distribution

Duplication of values

Dutch spade

Dynamic Notrump