Russ Ekeblad was born August 17, 1946 in Evanston, Illinois. In his youth, he was interested in and pursued the play of various sports, but never played bridge.

He attended Brown University, graduating 1968 and then went on to Graduate School at Columbia. Russ also went to Coast Guard Officer Candidate School and served 3 years of active duty, stationed at headquarters in DC. He started to get interested in bridge at that time – learning with the likes of Woolsey, Manfield and Capelletti Sr.

Russ met his wife Sheila through bridge, and the two were married in 1974. Russ started his own company, Kennilworth Creations in 1976, and it becamee very successful. Russ is now semi-retired, spending his winters in FL, summers in RI.

Besides bridge, Russ’ passions are boating and golf.

Russ has won two National Pair titles, two Spingolds, and two USBCs. He won bronze medals in the 1990 Rosenblum and 2005 Bermuda Bowl. He and Michael Seamon won the World IMP Pairs in Lille France in 2002.