• Green = Opposition
  • Blue = First bid from our side
  • RED = Responds from our side
  • Purple = Openers rebids
  • #Black = System link
  • 1§-DBL=16+HcP,any dist
  • 1§-1¨=Red or black
  • 1§-1©=MAJORs or minors
  • 1§-1ª=Natural,can be very weak
  • 1§-1NT=©+§ or ª+¨
  • 1§-2§¨©ª=1-suiter
  • Mostly 5-4, either suit longest.

A method of bidding defensively against an artificial forcing 1C opening bid developed by Kit Woolsey and Steve Robinson.

The convention is a bit similar toCRASHalso devised by Robinson/Woolsey.

After an opening of 1C forcing bid a DBL or an overcall of 1D/1H or 1NT shows various types of two-suited hands.

Responder bids as high as possible in cheapest suit. If this is not the feature of overcaller he will correct.