Bénédicte Cronier
Date de naissance : 23 juin 1961

Ville : Paris
Hobbies : ski

Benedicte Cronier

Championne d’Europe par équipe dame 1987 ; 1995 ; 1999.
Vice-championne du monde par équipe dame 1987 et 2001
3ème du championnat du monde dame par équipe 1995
Championne du monde individuel dame 2000 (Masters Generali)
Vainqueur du grand prix olympique (Salt-Lake City)
9ème du championnat d’Europe par paire Open
Vainqueur du championnat européen dame par équipe 2005
Championne du monde dame par équipe 2005

Benedicte Cronier: The day when the women will spend their nights in the gambling dens…

Benedicte Cronier
Benedicte Cronier

Dany – Hello and thank you to grant this maintenance to me.
Your name: Benedicte Cronier (pseudo patapon).
You were born on June 23, 1961 in Nantes. You are married with a Champion of Bridge which is also the partner of Paul Chemla: Philippe Cronier.

Béné – Not

Dany – Not what?

Béné – Was!

Was Dany -?

Béné – Philippe is not any more the partner of Paul Chemla since the Championships of Europe in Poland.

Dany – do You have 2 children?

Béné – Yes 1 26 year old boy and 1 22 year old girl, all 2 students in a School of engineers.

Dany – Bridge players?

Béné – Not, not like the wire Bessis or Gaviard. They can inevitably play bridge since they grew there inside, but to only make 4th during 2 give if need be, in other words it is not their trick.

Dany – You participles with the Championships of Europe in the Team of France Junior very early?

Béné – makes some, I represented France since 1979 in a test (which does not exist any more) and which was called the “Championship of the Common Market” and which took place every 2 years.

Dany – How did you come to the bridge? Which is your course? Which were your dreams of girl? To what did intend to you you?

Béné – I started to play with my sister and my mother. My mother made us play bridge of living room. I had 14 years and my sister 16. My sister it is Fabienne Pigeaud who is with me in the team of France. I had an uncle who was a President of the Club of Bridge of Nantes. Naturally we began there and we fell into the pot. I met Philippe with the Tournament of Baule I were hardly 17 years old, at 19 years I were pregnant. Then I did not have time to have dreams of girl! Very was connected. I left my studies at the end of the second and it is Philippe who incited me and helped to pass my vat as a free candidate. I was already 1st series square when I met it and was to him 1st series pricks. We grew together in the bridge. I thus did not have other projects to make. The bridge came naturally and filled my life.
The difference is that Philippe made more studies, in particular studies of engineer statistician, and worked more than me the bridge.
I am a little lazy to learn from complicated conventions. I prefer to play simple, a natural bridge rather than to have one or a partner which would embark me in an artificial bridge with conventions complicated to retain. I prefer to concentrate on the card deck rather than to encumber me of a heap of details of bidding. I am rather thoughtless, inattentive in the life, I all the time forget heaps of things, my keys for example, heaps of important things… I am rather good alive, I like to have fun the festival, but I am also a small bird in the life, i.e. the concentration is not something of naturalness at home. I must thus endeavour to hold the concentration throughout a tournament but as soon as it is finished I want to forget and have fun the festival.

Dany: You gained all the titles: several times Champion of Europe, Championne of the individual World rams in 2000, Championne of the World rams by team in 2005… When your level was reached, that one very gained, which hopes, which goal, which objective still does have?

Béné – Not I very did not gain! My titles: Champion of Europe, the World, etc… I gained them but I draw from it any pride, no glory, no pride. They are a little half-victories. They are “female” titles. I have any goal, no objective, in the direction where I do not await anything in particular, I am rather cool, I do not have any pressure, but I now will play with Philippe for a place in Open team. It is an opportunity, the selected moment: it does not have any more a partner since it separated from Paul Chemla. It thus will be accustomed to play with somebody who is worse than him but which is nevertheless Championne of the World and can be better than other possible partners and me I will still progress to obtain this place in Open team.

Dany – isn’t difficult to play with her husband in general, but especially on this level of play?

Béné – One will see well… Young people, that would have been more difficult, it was able to us to dispute for the bridge. One is adult, one matured, one is calmer and considered. That should occur well. In any event it is out of question of endangering our life of couple for bridge.

Benedicte + Philippe Cronier
Philippe and Bénédicte

Dany – If you qualified yourself you would be the 1st woman to enter in Open Team!

Béné – Yes I it have believed, in all the cases, and to my knowledge, for more than 30 years that I play bridge it did not have there of woman in Open team.

Dany – What do you think of the opinion of Paul Chemla? On the women in general (and of their low level)? On the level of the Open team?

Béné I leave his opinions to Paul Chemla… But if it is true that the women are not on the same level that is due to several factors. As I explained it to you for Philippe, it is the same thing for Chemla and the others of the Open team. They initially took time to make studies but especially they devoted much time, all their time with the bridge. To arrive at this level it is necessary “to be frosted” of the play. Of all the plays. To begin its dances tournaments or parts between friends, to finish its nights in gambling dens, to pass its life to be played. That does not shock large world when it acts men. The bridge, like all the plays, is, above all, a universe of men. It is, in general, of the talented men at the beginning who would in any event have succeeded in other fields. The difference it is that the women do not spend their nights in the gambling dens and that if they are talented they exert their talents elsewhere than with the plays. Another culture, another education, another glance of the others.
But that the women, tomorrow, practise with the men, like the men and there will be women in Open team, same level as the men.
The French Federation does not help in this direction continuously to make tests separated for the women and others for the men. Why not competitions for the fair ones and others for the brown ones, the blue eyes and the green eyes…
It would be necessary to preserve a Seniors test because one will be an old also day. A test juniors cavity. Lastly, an Open test, only, more tests women. And it is at this price that the women will be one day equal men. There are not so a long time the women did not make medicine or mathematics, not scientific careers, not cosmonauts nor pilots, not of access to many professions reserved to the men, with trades which were mediums of men. Today all these barriers fell, the women follow all the occupations, and one realizes that they are equal men and sometimes better than they in fields which were inaccessible for them there is little. Then, with the bridge, it is the same thing, one has only this handicap to fill. The more so as the Bowl Bermuda shorts which are the Championship of the World by team unroll at the same time as Venice Cup which is the female test of this Championship of the World.
And as long as there will be women to play Venice Cup they will not be able to be aligned in the Open Team of the Bowl Bermuda shorts.
Then what irritates me a little it is when the girls of the junior team say to me: one will try to obtain a participation in the tournament “girls”. (This competition has existed for only a few years). I took the time of all explaining to them and I hope that that will be advantageous. That they will choose outward journey of before and not to make a return behind because this kind of tests does not go in the good direction.

Dany – What wants to say that you will have to drop the female team if you were qualified in the Open team?

Béné – yes and I will not hesitate if I have opportunity.

Is Dany – the reason for which Catherine d’ Ovidio never returned in the Open team?

Béné – Surely that Catherine has the potential, the will and energy to arrive there. But one undoubtedly prefers to see it in female Team where it is likely great to bring victories and medals whereas there are currently men who will be able to make at least as well as she equips Open with them. It tried its chance, it went until finale. … But as long as Catherine will remain at the top of the female bridge it will not be able can be not to invest itself there as it would be necessary…

Dany – is L’ environment how in the girls? Rather good?

Béné – Yes good environment. Ca does not want to say that there are no sometimes blows of mouth, like there is in the open team, but environment is very good and it is undoubtedly also part of the success of the team.

Dany – do you Think, like Catherine, that the Federation does not do anything for you?

Béné – the objective of the Federation was not these last years to deal with its elites but rather number of its members. Personally I learned how not to wait more than it cannot give. In the past there were some Presidents who took into account our desires. Presidents, like Beineix, who were proud their Champions. It is not any more the case. Catherine, yes, at a rate of râler, but I do not want to imply me inside there. I do not even want to speak about it…
We learned how with Philippe to earn our living starting from the bridge, the bridge and starting from our talent. We give courses, organize tournaments, play sponsored, arbitrate tournaments, write articles, etc…

Dany – do You organize also training courses and voyages of Bridge? In do you live comfortably?

Béné – yes, the training courses Signal Bridge + have existed for more than 20 years, 2 training courses in July at Midsummer’s Day de Luz, one in August in Deauville ***. It is a kind seminar, standard Université of the Bridge, with course, conferences, give prepared the evening. Speakers of quality like Alain Lévy, Nicolas Dechelette and of course Philippe.
We also organize a voyage for 1st the year, etc…
These various activities and those quoted previously enable us to live in a normal way, rather comfortable but not exaggeratedly. Philippe is also Rédacteur in chief “To play Bridge”, he wrote works, he has, we had many activities around the bridge.

Dany – Which is your best memory related to the Bridge?

Béné – Not of remembering particular. Not inevitably my most important victories but rather victories like that of the Championships of Europe in Poland. We were carried out throughout the competition, we gained the last match, were taken the head and beaten the Dutchwomen, it was magic. More pleasant than to at the head make the race as in Estoril, to have the pressure on you. More one advanced and one continued to carry out and more the pressure went up and for each match it was necessary to fight not to be made exceed and preserve the advantage. This pressure lasts all the competition. When the victory arrives you do not enjoy similar. Contrary, if one loses, if one is carried out, one does not have less of pressure, finally me I do not have any. I play to tear off the victory but if I lose, so much worse, that stops and I will have fun the festival. Then here it is that my best memories, independently of the importance of the Competition, it is this kind of victories which I like.

The Dany – worst?

Béné – I seek in vain I do not see. Not of bad memory. Not “defeat” which is a worse memory. When I lost, they is finished, that stops. Not. Provided that one does not continue me afterwards with “why and how”.

Dany – do you Have a particular anecdote? An outstanding history? Funny or dramatic?

Béné – J’ have a mania, a tic: I take a wick of hair behind the head or on the side and I it “grope” when I play. I pass this wick under my nose, on my cheek, in short I do not release it. It is like that, I cannot prevent me! One day, after a match in Championship of Europe juniors, I am convened by the referee with my partner, my Fabienne sister. I arrive in a room where all staff is there: Presidents, trainers, referees, all the official ones already sat around a large table and there remain 2 empty seats: For Fabienne and me. The referee who starts to ask me questions has a tic: he has an eye which blinks unceasingly. He questions me in English. At the time I do not speak very well (fortunately that I made progress since) and he says to me “Which significance you give to this wick hair which you “grope” unceasingly”. And there, I see red! I understand suddenly that I am in front of a Court which shows me to cheat! Then, abruptly, spontaneously, with my approximate English I him rétorque “And you, which significance do you give to the fact that you make me eye since I entered??? ”

Benedicte Cronier

Dany – Which regrets will you keep? (if you have some)

Béné – No, I see. I “am not filled” by the titles which I obtained, I do not mark them on my calling card, I do not say in general that I am Championne of bridge, even not that I belong to the team of France. I only say “I am bridge player” or “I live bridge” when it is asked to me. But I do not regret any particular.

Dany – Which (S) quality (S) seems essential to you at a partner?

Béné – At My or My partner? In fact, Sylvie Willard has great qualities whose essential one is that it does not move of an ear. She calm, is concentrated, she does not say anything. I need that. I am easily inattentive and I opposite need somebody of very cool.
It is very different with Philippe who has a large presence with the table. He blows, he breathes more extremely. He has a physical presence… Its large hands which triturate the charts, in short it is completely different.
Moreover it agrees to play simple, a natural bridge as I explained it to you. And then, it me fout peace. When a match is finished I do not like to return above, to remake give them.

Dany – Which (S) defect (S) do you hate more at one partner?

Béné – At Sylvie? I seek. Not, I do not see… If after a match she says to me “And why you put your king” “Qu’ finally had you in your hand” “why this starts”, if she continues me in the evening whereas I do not want to think any more of the match, I do not like and that irritates me. But does that of it seldom arrives and it me fout peace.

Dany – the player who you fascine more?

Béné – No particular name.

Dany – the player who you fascine more?

Béné – Similar. In fact it is not a player or a player but rather of the pairs for their cohesion. The bridge is a set of pairs and I like to look at sharp players with the chart, players who show pure imagination, which impress me by work that one feels behind the team. Importance of stability, the longevity of these pairs. The current domination of the Italian bridge of it is the proof because they have sponsors who pay them to play, to work their bridge, to release them from the material contingencies….

Dany – From which your pseudo “patapon comes”

Béné – song “and ron and ron small patapon” I had called my cat patapon. It died one month or two before I start to play on BBO. Then, at the time when I was to take pseudo I thought of him and I became patapon.

Dany – is FFBBO now on line? What do you think about it?

Béné – I am favorable there. It is a very good thing. There is very to make there. Not only for all those which arrive and do not speak English and which will find reassuring to be in a French-speaking universe, to not only allow pairs to involve itself, but also for the young people who do not push the door of the Clubs and who will want to put themselves at the bridge. It is time to ensure the changing.

Dany – the changing? Really?

Béné – Yes, when I entered the team of France I were youngest and I am it still today… Then if FFBBO can make it possible to discover new talents….

Dany – do you Have envies of you to invest there?

Béné – Not

Dany – Not?

Béné – Not. I already believe to have done it with my measurement. I arrived on BBO when there was only one hundred players. I made promotion of it. I brought world. I invested myself for that. I believed there and I was not mistaken. I took part in the development of the vugraph. I was one of the initiators. When the French Federation wanted to have its own site, I rather advised in the direction of FFBBO by thinking that was better to be inside than independent. As you surely know it, Jean-Paul Meyer resigned of his functions and it had been invested much in this project. Then now? They have a formidable tool between the hands, with them to use it as well as possible. I favour FFBBO but to others to invest itself there. If Herve punctually needs a blow of hand, or to take part in a tournament, I will not say not but that stops there. You know, I did not even enter my number of licence because I do not want to have star. If people want kibbitzer good bridge it is not me whom they must come to see playing. When I play on BBO, I am with friends, I tchate, I drink glass, I laugh, in short I spend a good moment without catch of head. When that takes to me, sometimes late the evening, to want of a tournament, I assemble it myself. But there too I do not want to do it in a systematic way in spite of the requests which are made to me: it is when I want as I want. For similar FFBBO: I do not say not but not a permanent investment, it is not my role. I am player of bridge and not organizing. If one asks me to assemble a table on FFBBO it will be readily. To involve me there with Philippe or others why not. I am player of bridge above all.

Dany – the asset of FFBBO east can be in the changes on BBO. I do not know that it is your impression but mine is that that will not become easy on BBO in any case. As you I arrived when there was a hundred players, 2 to 300 in the strong schedules. I arrived of an American site on which there was at the time between 1000 and 2000 players permanently, without payment, yellow, parapets. People arrived and left the table without saying neither hello nor goodbye, sometimes in full medium with one gives, no explanation on the biddings, insults easy etc… Gogosbridgeurs were born from this time and migrated on BBO with delights. We found ourselves between civilized people and this incredible freedom and this happiness had nevertheless partly with the monitoring of the site of which many people are not aware. With the incredible increase in the number of players, the bar of the 10.000 is now regularly crossed, this “monitoring” currently failing, ineffective, is completely overflowed. misuse was obliged to install an automatic answering device which seldom takes action on the “minor” problems. They try to be devoted only to the most serious problems, like the cheating. It is undoubtedly in this direction that FFBBO will be more effective, if Herve has the means of them, to regulate all the litigations in a more convivial and more reduced world in a number. Imagine that currently, on 10.000 players the evening, if there is of them only 0,5% of malfaisants, of evil raised, dishonest persons, of thinking evil… That made approximately 50 people: it is little and it is enormous at the same time…

Béné – If as me you cheeks with people whom you know you do not have this concern. However, it is true, BBO will have to find solutions. But you should especially insist more on the problems of cheating, payment etc… It enough is not said! You know as me people who were excluded from BBO for cheating whereas they are not cheaters in the life and that they did not have can be not the feeling to cheat.

Dany – I however believe that it enough was said! I took the trouble to translate the integral payment of BBO because I found it rather incredible and at the same time it is precisely because it envisages all the cases of figure and that it is applied without weakness, if necessary, that that guaranteed until there “freedom” for all.

Béné – Yes, “the freedom of the ones stopping…” But I promises to you that that can arrive at players who have several ordis to be tempted to connect them at the same time to know what that made play opened charts, like a different challenge, or to play vis-a-vis oneself even, by disregarding other play and while being put in the skin of the 2 people, without being aware to cheat, or quite simply to be delirious one moment with a buddy without thinking of evil. BBO gives all these possibilities but people must know that they are prohibited, that BBO knows all, that they know how much you have ordis, if you connect them at the same time or not, schedules of connection… People must know that BBO has all the means necessary to uncover people who cross the yellow line.
Some have the impression which they steal an orange to the display when they enfreignent the payment. Seen not taken. More by play that by hunger. What they do not know it is that there are cameras in top of the display and that it is enough to consult the bands vidéos to discover which flew, when, how much and since when. And that the players owe the knowledge. BBO it is Big Brother. Just as if one were persuaded that there would be no radar on the roads one would not limit his speed then, persuaded that there would be no control of blood alcohol content one would lead in all impunity, yes if the players know what they incur can be that there will be less problem. You will never prevent the cheaters, as in the Clubs or everywhere else, but if there is a potential of 0,5% including one great part without real conscience of this offence, then yes by preventing them better one will reduce much this number of prohibited which does not include/understand what arrives to them one morning by opening to them ordi and discover a 2 years banishment without explanation.
Can be that one day BBO will not have an other solution only that applied by the sites of serious poker. You are registered but if your husband wants to be also registered with his pseudo with him the inscription is refused because it is only given to a person by address IP. It is then necessary to show white leg, to say which one are and what one wants to make exactly to have an exemption from this safety requirement. In short the sites of poker are supervised more and it is normal, especially when there is money concerned.
But for BBO insists, warns…

Dany – I thank you infinitely Bénédicte, in the name of all impassioned bridge in general and of Gogosbridgeurs in particular, to have taken of your time to better do to us to know which is one of our Champions and to have delivered a little you to us even.