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Sabine Auken resides in Charlottenlund, Denmark, with her husband Jens Auken and their two children. She was formerly employed in Marketing Financial Products. She is now a full time family manager and busier than ever.

She has already accumulated an impressive array of championship medals. A WBF World Master, she has appeared in seven Venice Cup competitions, winning twice and losing in the final once. Along the way she has collected two gold and three silver medals in European Championship Teams events, and has won four European Pairs Championships (three Ladies and one Mixed). Add to that, wins in all of the major German national championship events and a handful of US National titles and you can see why Auken and Daniela von Arnim are today widely-regarded as Europe’s, and perhaps the World’s, leading female partnership. She was on the winning team in the World Mixed Teams in Istanbul in 2004. She was playing with Zia, Catherine-d’Ovidio from France playing with Paul Chemla, as teammates. In his speech at the prize giving ceremony, Zia said this had proved to him again when the Jew, the Arab and the Catholic unite nobody can beat them! The audience loved him for that.

She says, "The most fascinating aspect of bridge for me on the social side is that it brings together people of different races, ages, sex, religious and political beliefs to compete with and against one another on equal terms and nobody seems to have any problem with it at all. Bridge is the one sport I know where women are able to compete with and against men on an equal level in serious competition. This to me is a unique feature bridge has to offer and I would wish officials would use this fact in marketing bridge to the public instead of their present efforts to separate men and women in order to conform with other sports. This to me is against any sound marketing laws. Who is paying attention to what is conform and just like everything else? It’s uniqueness most of us are seeking, not being like every one else. And only areas that are different and offering a new perspective will attract especially the young people’s attention."

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Sabine Auken, of German nationality, champion of the world to Beijing in the ‘ 95 and more times European champion to braces, squares and compound, gives beyond ten years dominates the world-wide scene of the bridge feminine. Married from 6 years with Jens Auken, councilman of the WBF and optimal player, she is mother of two sons of 2 and 6 years.

Which the qualities that have allowed to assert you to you to you concern us of the bridge world-wide?

"I apply to an aggressive, enough unusual game in feminine within and therefore some times spiazzante, but above all, I think of being in a position to dominating to the table controlling the situation and always  deciding times and rhythms of congenital game to me. Moreover, being much onlooker, before every competition, I prepare myself studying in the particular minimums very well the systems of the adversaries, than very rarely they pick to me impreparata ".


Which of your Victories are most important?

"Without a shadow of doubt, mixed the European gold to squares, in the first place because I played then with my husband and because, in absolute sense, this type of competition, for we women, is always somewhat complex"


And your beautifulr Victoria in the life?

"Also in this case, I do not have doubts: my two sons ".


Also in the private life you have always won?

"Although it is much content of my life, last and present, with this I cannot of sure asserting not to have never lost"


One says that in the bridge who wins mistakes little and who does not play better.

"They are perfectly of agreement, in how much does not exist in bridge a limit to playing well: he can himself be always made better ".


But the errors then can help to play and living better?

"a my beloved friend, Gerig Nippgen, with which I have gained the European to mixed braces in the ‘ 94 to Barcelona, often repeated to me that it is not a problem to make an error, the important is not to repeat it"


Usually, in you, when you play, prevails the feeling or the reason?

"In me the sphere prevails decidedly rations them, even if a po’ of aid, but my specific characteristic is not one, arrives often, nearly unexpected, from that typically feminine dowry that is the intuition: some times the single observation of the adversaries can supply in fact interesting indications ".


You have one incrollabile certainty?

"Yes, creed strongly in people. Task that the humanity is substantially good and therefore from persons I attend always the best, also knowing that it is not always therefore. But this optimistic attitude me helps also living better."


Bridge and family are conciliabili?

"Until they are limited to me to being moglie, mother and bridgista, I have not had some problem; the situation is a po’ complicated from when I have added to my life, of for himself already somewhat impegnativa, also the job. In order to make to work R-al.meglio these four different aspects therefore, to this point, the daily organization must indeed be impeccable ".


Why the woman, in the bridge, is less strongly of the man?

"I presume that features of one inferior ability to concentration, perhaps contemporary due also to the many engagements and responsibilities. Personally, when they are to the table from game, I succeed to detach the thorn, but I must admit that not always it is easy ".