Source: Bridgecenter Nordsjælland(roughly translated by CS)The original danish text

Roland is born in Scotland. Manager of Bridgecenter Nordsjælland since the beginning 1989. Head of 8 of the 23 clubs at the Center and of course is the person who is always there when needed. In this way the members are fairly satisfied. Roland has been teaching bridge for more than 30 years and played in the danish elite for the approx. same period. At the time Roland strted the Bridgecenter he had to give up to play top bridge himself. Occasionally he participate in danish elite play, fx. 3 danish team-championships, 3rd in Swedish Open 1997 and winner of Scottish open autumn 2002.

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Source: BBO

Roland Wald, 57, single, is a journalist by profession, and resides in Copenhagen, Denmark where he manages a bridge center with 1,000 members; for more information on his club, visit

He is a Grand Master, with 3 national team titles; 3 time winner of Scottish Open; and 1 Swedish Open title.

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